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Saturday 27/01/2018 - Marlin
Martin Fortmann
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That's a provocative title isn't it.

Now if you're here to see pictures of a marlin with a fly hanging out its mouth, alas, you'll be disappointed. We did, however, have one free jump off the back of our boat on an in shore reef in 12m of water. A friggin' Marlin! Not even 1km from land! Some other guys motored up to us and asked, "Was that a marlin that jumped off the back of your boat?". Yeah! Now, I don't blame you if you don't believe me but there you go, what an amazing place to fish.

Lot's of activity out there on Saturday. Anchovies and garfish showering out the water. Kings on top for a bit but so many down deep. We lost count of fish hooked and landed. My spliced T-14 shooting head took a hammering; is just about at breaking point and in desperate need of some running repairs.

The maritime guys were out there checking too. Very polite and courteous. They passed us without an EPIRB and radio. I've always known the 2 nautical mile thing was a grey area but, there you go, they said it wasn't required this time around. Should probably get at least an EPRIB. Fairly inexpensive for the safety it gives.

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