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Wabnitz Worm Fly
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I've posted this tie on the Australian Saltwater Flyfishing Forum and it is of a fly I've been working on for the past 18 months. 12 months or so ago, I was the only one to try it out on the CI bonefish population, but just recently myself and another couple of anglers tried it out over there with great success. It has yet to be given a good run on whiting bream and flathead, but it should work OK.

For those who don't tie their own, I have just been informed that it will be going into commercial production and should be available on-line shortly.

For those who can roll their own, here it is

Hammer's Wabnitz Worm


Hook = Gamakatsu SL11-3H #6 or #8
Thread = Flat waxed in Orange or Salmon Pink
Krystal Flash = Orange or Pearl
Eyes = 3.0mm or 3.5mm gold dumbbell or medium brass beadchain
Wing = Hareline medium Ultra Chenille in Worm Brown [substitute light tan polyester wool melted at one end to prevent unravelling or light nylon cord dyed light tan]
Overbody = V-rib in shrimp pink or clear [substitute 16lb clear mono]


Comments: Fish this fly slowly in either a long slow strip or short 2" jerks, or combination of both - deadly on CI bonefish.

Tying Instructions.

Wrap thread down to a point opposite the hook point

Tie in V-rib or clear mono and continue thread to start of bend in shank

Take thread back towards the eye of the hook and tie in the dumbbell eyes or beadchain

Take two full-length strands of krystal flash, double and tie in between the hook's eye and the eyes

Wrap the krystal flash back to the bend in the shank and overwrap forward of the eyes - tie down the krystal flash in front of the eyes and leave sufficient krystal flash so that it can be extended back one hook's gape width past the end of the hook. At this point, if you wish to make the fly extremely durable you can coat the body with a thin coat of epoxy or CCG.

Measure the Ultra Chenille from the front of the hook to the bend and then pass the hook's point through the Ultra Chenille at the measured spot.

Loosely tie in the Ultra Chenille forward of the eyes so that it sits along the top of the shank.

Overwrap the Ultra Chenille with the V-rib or mono to give a segmented appearance paying particular attention to keep the Ultra Chenille along the top of the shank. Tie off the V-rib forward of the eyes and trim both the V-rib and Ultra Chenille.

Hold the krystal flash back along the hook and form a head to the tie, whip finish and coat with a head enamel [Sally Hansons, clear nail polish, CCG or Araldite - your choice] - melt the end of the Ultra Chenille with a small flame using a cigarette lighter etc.

Go fishing - should also be suitable for bream and flathead and would be worth trying the tie on a long shank #8 for whiting

Alternative Tie: Tie a fly up as you would for a CI Special but instead of using a wing of EP Fibre etc, just tie the Ultra Chenille in at the head - this method still works well but so far I've had minor problems with keeping the Ultra Chenille tied in - some fish "borrow" it off the hook


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