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Posted on 22/09/2013 at 08:28 AM.Send to a friend Send a Private Message View Profile Quote this User
My boat just had its 300 hour service after owning it for a couple of years. Religiously had it serviced as required by the warranty, by the company that sold me the boat and engine. From about 150 hours of use I started getting overheating warnings and the engine going into guardian mode when I accelerated hard. Despite bringing it to the attention of the service manager there was no improvement. At a friends recommendation I took my boat to Shannon Marine last week. He had it for a week and did a thorough diagnostic and was able to I identify a couple of issues which have been fixed. Went out yesterday with my daughter and the dog for a test drive. Engine was quieter, ran smoother and had no issues with the accelerator. Caught several salmon and a tailor, went for lunch at the fish market all in spring sunshine. I have no connection with Shannon Marine but happy to recommend them after my experience. Cheers Anthony

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Posted on 22/09/2013 at 03:51 PM.Send to a friend Send a Private Message View Profile Quote this User
Bickers good stuff.

I bought my first engine from shannons. After literally 30 seconds of running it Blew Up!!!

They were pretty good. Replaced it all.

Reckon they had never seen anything like that before.

I went out today. Smashed it again. Salmon everywhere. Got a 60cm biggest. Must have been 3kg.

Not boat shy at all.
They even found their way into the Sanctuary Zone ;-)


Tailor Slayer
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