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Big Gav
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Posted on 11/10/2009 at 01:16 PM.Send to a friend Send a Private Message View Profile Quote this User
Lionel wrote:
Wouldn't pulling the bottom leg of the back cast flyline up with the loop, paralell to the rod tip cause energey depletion. Draining the backcast loop of it's own energy, slowing it down and creating drag.

Wouldn't it be easier just to turn yourself around? to get the side wind opposite and your back cast will become your forward cast.

Nice looking cast though.

Sledge away lads!

Hey Lionel,
Your rite, this motion would definately deplete the loop of energy, but with this cast you can produce really high line speed ( generally more than with a conventional style )
The amount of energy lost by this motion is very little compared to the amount of energy in the loop- Its all a compromise

Also when I mentioned side wind, I was refering to wind on the non casting sholder. If the wind was on the casting sholder its deffinately better to turn arround and present a backcast. And trust me, I think I still have the outline of a 2/0 clouser on my right butt cheeck to prove it

Gavin Davis
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Posted on 12/10/2009 at 02:48 PM.Send to a friend Send a Private Message View Profile Quote this User
so a backcast with a long single haul, longer casting stroke finishing lower behind the Lasse. but the loop is formed earlier to stop it crashing into the ground.

Happiness is a tight loop
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