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Spey casting workshop with TWO certified Spey guys
Peter Morse
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Here's a limited opportunity too good to miss. :up :up :up

The IFFF will be holding a certification event in Wentworth Falls this November . The attending examiners from the US ( Mark Huber & Carl Zarelli ) are willing to put on Two Casting workshops for those that may be interested. Both are THCI (Two Hander Casting Instructors) certified and THCI examiners for the IFFF and Carl is also APGAI two hand certified in the UK.

The 2 workshops on November 11th would be 2, 2.5 hours (approximately) . The first workshop will start at 11.00 am.

The workshop on the 17th will be in the morning starting about 8.00 am.

Doing the workshops will depend on participation...

The workshops will likely be :

1) Intro to Two Hand Casting. For beginners and budding beginners and those that are generally curious about the two hand rod and wish to learn about the two hander.
2) The second workshop which is titled ‘Taking your Two Hand Casting to Another level (The Subtleties of Two Hand Casting) “. For advanced beginners / intermediate casters.
3) The Monday workshop would likely be an advanced workshop with advanced casting tactics . This is for people that have worked out the basics of two hand casting and can make most casts on demand. This workshop will focus on getting the maximum out of two hand casting.

If there is a shortage of intermediate 2 handers we could do the Intro workshop twice. That will depend on sign up and the levels of casters.

Cost would be $50.00 per person for a 2 to 2.5 hour session . 4 people per session maximum.

These sessions include demos, and hands on working with people to give them the maximum support and training on the double hand rod.

A couple of requirements are:

1) No Skagit lines
2) No Sinking lines
3) Weight Forward floating lines ( Scandi Heads ok)

If anyone wants us to show them how to cast the other types of lines we can do that after the workshops are over.

If you are interested please contact me (Peter Morse) via email - petermorseflyfisher@gmail.com. It will require a pre payment in full.

Carl Zarelli
Iternational Committee Chair

Just walk around that **Moderated**.

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