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Winter Flycasting Days 2015
Justin D
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Learn to fly cast or become a much better fly caster

Peter Morse – Master Casting Instructor with the International Federation of Fly Fishers, 40 years of fly-fishing experience in freshwater and saltwater, 20 years experience teaching fly-casting.
And Justin Duggan Certified Casting Instructor with the international Federation of Fly Fishers -Well known Sydney fly-fishing guide and casting instructor with many years of experience.
Will be conducting 3 days of fly casting instruction at the International Regatta Center in Penrith.
Dates. Sunday 21st June. Advanced fly-casting. Learn the techniques that will help you catch more fish. Better loop formation means dealing with the wind, greater accuracy and increased distance. These will be the subjects for this day.
Saturday 27th June is for Beginners. If you’ve never picked up a fly rod before or you are just taking those first steps or particularly if you’re self taught and are struggling, this is the day for you.
Sunday 28th June. Going to the next level. Regardless of where you’re at with your fly-casting we can all learn a little more. This day is for the intermediates and for advanced beginners.
For complete information visit my web site www.wildfish.com.au or Justin’s web site www.sydneyflyfishing.com.au
A deposit is essential.
To make a booking contact peter@wildfish.com.au
Or justin@sydneyflyfishing.com.au

Don't swim in a bait ball
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