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Boats - thoughts and advice please
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Posted on 04/02/2017 at 10:06 AM.Send to a friend Send a Private Message View Profile Quote this User
Hi guys...its been way too long since I've been on here and its been way too long since I've waved a wand to be quite honest as well. In any case its nice to be back amongst some familiar faces and it'll be nice to meet others not so familiar too.

I've decided that I've been boatless for way too long and i really need to get myself something over the coming months in preparation for next summer.

As it stands im currently looking at (but not restricted to) :-

Trailcraft ProFish
TABS Territory Pro
Formosa Tomahawk

Either 4.8 or 5.2

Aside from welcoming other recommendations I'd been keen to hear peoples opinions on center vs side console (mostly fishing one up) and whether 5.2 is too much boat for one person to handle on their own (particularly launch / retrieve). The boat will be used almost exclusively for flyfishing with the exception of the odd trip out with the kids thrown in (in which case I'll reckon I'll need a bimini). My previous boating experience is limited to a 4.5 m open tiller steer tinnie, which for the most part did the job in and around the harbour for many years.

Would greatly appreciate any feedback guys. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Posted on 04/02/2017 at 03:03 PM.Send to a friend Send a Private Message View Profile Quote this User
Nice to see you back on board George

I've been on a couple of different side consoles and was very impressed with how much extra practical room it makes available for using and moving around the boat - really nice when the schools of fish move around the boat too.

With a 4.8 boat you may be able to use an in-braked trailer depending on total weight and your towing capacity. Much less maintenance and hassle at rego time. Worth looking into IMHO. If you go for a bigger boat solo launching is not really a problem - trailers designs are great for drive on retrieval these days.

I'd add Brooker boats onto the list - been on a friends Brooker and found the hull to be quite soft riding for a tinny, and much less hull-slap than my old Quintrex millennium hull.

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Posted on 04/02/2017 at 03:20 PM.Send to a friend Send a Private Message View Profile Quote this User
Hi William....thanks for replying. I'll look into the Brooker range as well. Are they a plate boat ? Even allowing for the fact I'm leaning towards aluminum over glass, a boat with as soft a ride as possible is one of my main prerequisites in making my decision. I'd swear I'd come away pissing blood after most of my outings in my little tinny.....not sure my kidneys can handle that kind of bashing any more.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply though. Much appreciated.

PS nice to see that neither of us has changed one bit judging by our profile pics.

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Posted on 04/02/2017 at 06:03 PM.Send to a friend Send a Private Message View Profile Quote this User
Hi George,
Here are some thoughts and reasons why I went for a 5.2m fibreglass centre console after much looking around and previously owning a 6.7m Caribbean Reef Runner hardtop deep vee on a mooring.

I fish 1 up most of the time but wanted space for 4 at least. I wanted a hose out self draining deck for safety and easy maintenance and cleanup and it had to be easy to launch and retrieve single handed, usually at Tunks Park. Depending which boat ramp you use can make a big difference to trailer selection. There is no point me having a boat if I could only launch or retrieve it at certain tide times.

The hull had to have decent chines to divert spray and for stability at rest. I bought a Bayliner Trophy bay-boat prototype which was the precurser to the Trophy 1703cc but with lower sides and it's a fishing machine, and with the Dunbier supa rolla trailer for easier launch retrieve. I can launch and retrieve at Tunks even on a 0.1m low tide without getting my car tyres wet.

The centre console is fantastic for fly fishing and I find because of the stability at rest the family enjoy harbour outings much more than the old deep v. There is no bimini and I love not having one. It is primarily a fishing boat (95%) and the family either come out early in Summer or anytime in Winter depending on sun intensity. We get wet sometimes but rarely cold. I am lucky enough to be able to drop off and pickup passengers close to home so I can take family out for a few hours and then fish on after dropping them off. Because I fish most weeks the boat gets lots of use, mostly harbour fishing but I run up to Long Reef sometimes. Not so much this year as it has been a wierd season.

Hopefully this is not too long winded George and I am happy to try and answer other questions. This forum has always been really helpful and willing to help.
Cheers Tim

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Posted on 05/02/2017 at 02:53 PM.Send to a friend Send a Private Message View Profile Quote this User
Hi Tim.....thanks for your reply and thoughts. Not long winded at all.....much appreciated.

The only reason for not looking at glass is that they tend to be more expensive. The Trophy looks like an awesome boat but out of my price range unfortunately.

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Posted on 16/02/2017 at 08:37 PM.Send to a friend Send a Private Message View Profile Quote this User
G'day George,

1 up and young , I'd go for tin!

Ageing and with a family [read missus comfort] I'd seriously consider glass in the 5.2 range. Drive-on drive-off trailers are commonplace and you can add a hitch lock so you don't even have to get out of the driver's seat when retrieving.

One of the boats I have is a 5.2 Southwind CC with targa and launching and retrieving is generally no problem unless there is a howling cross wind and even then it is a matter of patience and good approach to the trailer.

With any luck MJ may chip in with his acclamation of his NZ barge - another serious contender by all reports. I call it a barge as I can't remember it's proper name [old age issue] but they are a seriously good workboat.

Spend once, spend wisely!




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Posted on 14/02/2018 at 12:14 PM.Send to a friend Send a Private Message View Profile Quote this User
I purchased a new 5700 TABS territory pro side console late last year. Very very happy with it. Had the casting deck lengthened and raised and a few other customisations. Very stable in slop. Good ride, especially standing behind console.

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