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Dream fly tiers book...or so I think so
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Posted on 30/04/2005 at 08:06 PM.Send to a friend Send a Private Message View Profile Quote this User
Sorry, posted this in the wrong section before.
For all the fly tiers out there, youv'e got to at least have a look at this superb publication. "Australian Fly Patterns" by Peter Coulson. This book is the best fly pattern book I have ever seen, it covers all fly patterns for salt and fresh and the pics are outstanding, being an AFN publication obviously they always put out top quality. It is reasonably priced, if you have seen the US books which are about 1/4 in size but comparitively more expensive, you will find this book just hard too resist. It is definitley a collectors item and all fly tiers should at least have a look, I didnt hesitate to buy one. I hope you dont mind me praising this book on your site Justin, but I felt that the members of this site would like to know about it.

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